Conditions Car Rental Cluj - Rent a Car Airport Cluj


General conditions of using the vehicle

The Client is asked to read and confirm by signature the acceptance of the Rental Contract. The Client must meet at the requirements mentioned below:
  • to strictly comply with the Romanian legislation regarding driving legislation
  • it is strictly prohibited to drive abroad Romania with the rented vehicle
  • not to lend the car to other persons that are not part of the contract
  • not to use the vehicle for commercial purpose or lend it to third parties
  • not to overload the vehicle(regarding number of seats and weight) over the maximum limit
  • not to use the vehicle in any kind of races, competitions or auto tests
  • not to leave the vehicle open (doors, windows, luggage) or the keys in the ignition
  • use the vehicle according to the instructions manual issued by the manufacturer and only with the destination agreed upon in the present contract
  • driving the car outside open public roads, on excessive muddy roads or on mountain expeditions is not allowed
  • not to push or tow other vehicles, trailers or any other object
  • driving the car under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medical substances that affect driving abilities is strictly forbidden
Not respecting these regulations above mentioned, the car seurity deposit for damages can be retained and the full payment for all repairing is required to be paid by the Client to bring the vehicle to the initial functioning state.